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About Coffee & Me



Coffee & Me is part of an ongoing NCA project to provide credible, accurate information for the coffee industry and consumers. This site is intended for educational purposes only, and is not a medical resource. 


The NCA collaborates with key organizations and experts across the scientific, medical, and coffee communities to review emerging research on coffee and health. Our Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) is one of only a few highly respected organizations worldwide devoted to this specialized field.


Many recent studies suggest a compelling case for the potential health benefits of coffee, but there is still so much to learn. 


This site is owned and operated by the National Coffee Association USA. The NCA did not provide funding for any of the studies mentioned in, or referenced by this site. We would like to thank the NCA SAG for their generous contributions of time and expertise in developing this site.  


Research Methodology

The research methods used in a particular study are crucial for evaluating the scientific validity of the results. For this reason, the NCA selects meta-analysis of existing studies where possible, in order to accurately reflect the preponderance of evidence.


Meta-analysis is a quantitative, formal, epidemiological study design used to systematically assess previous research studies to derive conclusions about that body of research. Meta-analysis are the most commonly cited form of clinical research, and when conducted properly can provide context a range of scientific findings.


Please note that the research referenced on this site is conducted independently and has been reviewed by the scientific community. National Coffee Association does not sponsor, fund, or influence any research.


  We believe that accurate, transparent information empowers people to make decisions that work for them.


The Not-So-Fine Print

The NCA is committed to providing accurate, scientifically validated information from reputable sources. This website is intended to relay the findings of independent research studies, and is not intended to make health claims or provide medical advice. If you have specific questions pertaining to your health, consult a medical professional.